Nikon Papi talks shooting a Megan Thee Stallion party, candid J. Cole shots, and Baby Rose

If you’ve been to a hip hop or R&B concert in Atlanta over the last three years, you’ve probably seen Wildy “Nikon Papi” Civil in action. “The Hottieween party (in 2019) was at a mansion that I think was Young Thug’s old mansion. There was a lot going on and you couldn’t just walkthrough. Megan [Thee Stallion] had to walk through people. There’s really not much security you can have. So you’re really getting a unique, intimate experience,” Papi told REVOLT. In this installment of “Tour Tales,” the experienced photographer explains what else went down at the party, capturing J. Cole moments seldom seen, and how he’s photographed Baby Rose’s onstage evolution…

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