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Freddie Gibbs Says He’s Making More Music With Madlib and Shares ‘The Diamond Mine Sessions’

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are an unstoppable duo. They’ve put out two highly-regarded projects, including one of the best albums of 2019, Bandana. Now, they’ve decided to revisit some Bandana highlights in a new way—with a live band. Gibbs and Madlib have teamed up with Leon Michels and his band El Michels Affair (best known for their funky takes on the Wu-Tang catalog) to re-record three of Bandana’s standouts, “Palmolive,” “Gat Damn,” and “Freestyle Shit.” The resulting project, named The Diamond Mine Sessions after the Queens, New York studio where it was recorded, features energetic live-in-the-studio performances. It is available starting May 7 on Amazon Music…

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