How Dua Lipa’s Day-Glo Nostalgia Found A Home In Dark Times

My hazy memories of childhood in the 1980s are a jumble of contrasts. On one hand, there’s the grim, gray dread of existential threats: nuclear brinkmanship, acid rain, mounting AIDS infections and trickle-down economics. But Day-Glo ’80s pop culture — everything from fluorescent shoelaces to loose-jointed breakdancing to Prince albums and wacky films like Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon — offered me escapist relief from the encroachment of peril. Annus horribilis 2020 is just as full of contrasts. There’s the catastrophic body count of the COVID-19 pandemic, the enduring terrors of police brutality and the daily onslaught of authoritarian shenanigans. In what seems like ironic counterpoint to the world falling apart, pop phenom Dua Lipa delivered two euphoric, superbly-executed projects in 2020: March’s studio album Future Nostalgia and August’s remix album Club Future Nostalgia…

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