Now Isn’t the Time for More Music Industry Silence

Yesterday, the music industry halted normal business in solidarity with black activists and innovators in lock step with “The Show Must Be Paused,” an initiative started by Atlantic Records marketing executive Jamila Thomas and former Atlantic and Roc Nation exec (and current Artist Campaign Manager for the artists’ services platform Platoon) Brianna Agyemang to get labels to do better by the black creatives whose work and sweat keeps the business afloat. The initiative’s aims were pointed: “Our mission is to hold the industry at large — including major corporations and their partners who benefit from the efforts, struggles, and successes of black people — accountable.” The industry’s response to the blackout and to several days of coast-to-coast protests, riots, and looting so far is, at best, a parade of good intentions, and at worst, an ad campaign as bleak as the Facebook coronavirus commercial…

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