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Broken Record Podcast: RZA Talks Wu-Tang and Creativity In Quarantine

Rick Rubin checks in with RZA on Zoom and finds out he’s been peaking creatively while in quarantine. Their wide-ranging conversation covers RZA’s first experiences with Hip Hop,… 

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Wu-Tang’s RZA on the influence of Bruce Lee

Perhaps it was nothing more than a coincidence. Aug. 11, 1973, is widely acknowledged as the day hip-hop was born at a back-to-school jam thrown by DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx, New York. Eight days… 


People’s Party Live Podcast: Talib Kweli & RZA Talk Wu-Tang, DJ Premier Battle, And Top 5 Kung-Fu Movies

In this special live episode of UPROXX’s People’s Party — conducted via Instagram Live — Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh (virtually) sit down with the Abbot himself: The RZA.… 


The RZA has made some of your favorite music. Now he wants to help you find enlightenment.

“What lies at the end of every journey? The goal. The desire. The cheese. But there are many things that stand in our way before we reach that goal.” The voice is a powdery baritone now,… 

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