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Ro James – Mantic (Album)

It’s been four years (damn near to the day) since Ro James released his last album* (2016’s Eldorado), but the Germany-bred singer is finally back in action with his sophomore effort, MANTIC.… 

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ro james

Ro James: ‘MANTIC,’ Brandy Collaboration, and Finding His Sound

In this installment of R&B Now, Ro James connects with Nadeska to discuss his album ‘MANTIC.’ He talks about the inspiration behind the music, working with Brandy on the track “Plan… 

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ro james

Ro James ft. Miguel – Too Much

It is never too much for Ro James and his new single featuring Miguel. Anchored by Miguel’s falsettos, Ro builds trust with his partner during an off-and-on relationship. Is that too much to… 

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ro james

Ro James ft. Brandy – Plan B

Four years after his Grammy-nominated album Eldorado, Ro James has announced that his sophomore album MANTIC will be released on May 29th. The likes of Masego, Brandy and Miguel are slated to appear… 

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