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How Ric Wilson And Terrace Martin Found The Beat Of ‘They Call Me Disco’

In April, despite being quarantined in the middle of touring with electronic duo Drama, Chicago funk/disco-infused hip-hop artist Ric Wilson still held a sweet social distancing birthday party from… 

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ric wilson

Ric Wilson Makes Music for “Getting Free & Healing”

If you’re looking for sunshine in these bleak times, look no further than Chicago’s Ric Wilson. The activist and rapper has released a steady stream of “disco rap” projects since 2016’s… 

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ric wilson they call me disco

Ric Wilson & Terrace Martin – They Call Me Disco (EP)

From Chicago to Crenshaw, Ric Wilson and Terrace Martin have joined forces for a new project called They Call Me Disco. “The disco-inspired funk never stops,” says Wilson. “Me and Terrace… 

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ric wilson

Ric Wilson & Terrace Martin ft. BJ The Chicago Kid – Chicago Bae

Ric Wilson has been one of the shining stars within Chicago’s music community for a minute now, and just the other day he released a brand new record titled “Chicago Bae” featuring BJ Chicago… 

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