Lauren jauregui

Verified: Lauren Jauregui - 50ft. (Official Lyrics & Meaning)

Verified: Lauren Jauregui – 50ft. (Official Lyrics & Meaning)

Lauren Jauregui’s “50ft.” is her latest hit, and it’s already racked up 4.5 million plays on Spotify to date. On the track, produced by J.LBS, Lauren sings about her close circle of family… 

lauren jauregui open mic

Open Mic: Lauren Jauregui – 50ft. (Live Performance)

Lauren Jauregui is the latest artist to be featured on Open Mic At Home, performing her latest hit, “50ft.,” which has already racked up 2 million YouTube views to date. On the song, produced by… 

lauren jauregui 50ft live performance

Lauren Jauregui – 50ft. (Live Performance)

Having spent most of 2019 in the studio, writing and recording new music, the award-winning artist is ready to enter this new phase of her career with new music on the horizon and an album in the… 

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui – 50ft. (Video)

“I wrote it from a space of reflection on how I interact with the world energetically,” Jauregui wrote in the caption of the Instagram post she shared to announce the song’s April 17 arrival.… 

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