Kota the friend

kota the friend

KOTA The Friend – Independence Is Power (Playlist)

Fresh off the release of his latest Lyrics to Go episode No. 27 “Kalief,” Kota the Friend’s playlist preaches the value of independence in various forms, as well as celebrating… 

kota the friend kalief

KOTA The Friend – Kalief

Kota The Friend brings black excellence all over his latest recording. Over The Clark Sisters and Mattie Moss Clark “Ha Ya (Eternal Life)”, most known on The Carter’s “Family Feud”, the… 

kota the friend

Interview: Inside Kota the Friend’s ‘Everything’

It would make sense for Kota the Friend to be feeling the pressure right now. With a loyal fanbase and standing on the cusp of the mainstream hip-hop industry’s radar, it would be normal for the… 

kota the friend everything album

Kota The Friend – Everything (Album)

For decades, New York has been known to produce stellar artists of various genres. But for hip hop alone, it’s sort of a different ball game. Since the release of his first EP, Palm Tree Liquor,… 

kota the friend

KOTA the Friend ft. Joey Badass & Bas – BQE

Joey Badass and Bas have teamed up with fellow New York native KOTA the Friend on his latest single “BQE”—a nod to their hometowns of Brooklyn and Queens.”‘BQE’ is a song for… 

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