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lil tjay french montana zoo york remix

Lil Tjay ft. French Montana, Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign – Zoo York (Remix)

Lil TJay’s still wreaking havoc in “Zoo York” on his brand new remix. For his State Of Emergency‘s hit record, “Zoo York“, Montana’s calling shots, repping the BX and bigging up the… 

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french montana fivio foreign mr swipey that's a fact remix

French Montana ft. Fivio Foreign & Mr. Swipey – That’s A Fact (Remix)

French Montana spins around the block with Fivio Foreign and Mr. Swiepy on his new remix. On this revised version of his latest single, “That’s A Fact“, Fivio Foreign and Mr. Swiepy both got… 

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fivio foreign

Fivio Foreign Is Bringing The Brooklyn Drill Scene To New Heights

Fivio Foreign recently got a major co-sign when Drake recruited him for “Demons,” the Toronto rapper’s nod to the Brooklyn drill movement. With the scene taking a major blow after the murder of… 

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Demon Time: How Drake Paid Homage to Brooklyn’s Rising Drill Scene

What seemed to be just another ordinary day for Brooklyn rapper Sosa Geek quickly turned into one of his most memorable ones as he was woken up by a flurry of notifications about him receiving a… 

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black fortune fivio foreign off shit video

Black Fortune ft. Fivio Foreign – Off Shit (Video)

Black Fortune has been making noise in the DMV for quite some time now and it seems like he is finally poised to make a mainstream run in the coming years, and perhaps as much as any other rapper in… 

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lil tjay zoo york video

Lil Tjay ft. Fivio Foreign & Pop Smoke – Zoo York (Video)

Lil Tjay celebrates his release day with the video to his State Of Emergency‘s standout track. Despite the lock down New York, Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign mobb through the city at night with… 

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fivio foreign

Fivio Foreign Wants to Make New York’s Rap Scene Fun Again

When Fivio Foreign picks up my FaceTime call, he’s excited to give me a peek at his relatively new home. With its high windows and chandeliers, it’s a far cry from the cramped East Flatbush… 

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fivio foreign

Fivio Foreign talks new mixtape, collaborating with Quavo, and going viral

I have a warm place in my heart for the grimey, gut-punching sound that cultivates drill music. From UK artists like DigDat and Headie One to the rising rappers solidifying New York as a hotbed for… 

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fivio foreign

Fivio Foreign – Drive By (Video)

Just hours after releasing his 800 B.C., Fivio Foreign pulls up with the EP’s new video. For the opening track, the Brooklyn rapper ghost rides a Bentley through the suburbs and turns up at a… 

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fivio foreign

Fivio Foreign Is Fearless

Fivio Foreign’s hounding delivery will give you pause. The 24-year-old Brooklyn drill artist, known best for his hit “Big Drip,” currently sitting at 26 million plays on YouTube alone, is an… 

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fivio foreign

Fivio Foreign – 800 B.C. (EP)

Following the continued success of “Big Drip,” Fivio Foreign has unleashed his 800 B.C. project. Featuring seven tracks and the “Big Drip” remix with Lil Baby and Quavo, the… 

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fivio foreign

Fivio Foreign Is Always Going Viral

Fivio Foreign made one of Brooklyn drill’s defining anthems, “Big Drip.” Now, a major label deal and a Drake collaboration later, he’s finally coming to terms with being a rapper… 

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