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buddy kent jamz tiny desk

Buddy & Kent Jamz (Tiny Desk Home Concert)

Buddy and Kent Jamz aren’t just the life of the party, they’re the last two to leave. (Figuratively speaking, of course. None of us are going anywhere these days.) So in the vein of… 

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Dreamville ft. Bas, Cozz, Yung Baby Tate, Buddy & Guapdad4000 – Don’t Hit Me Right Now (Video)

Dreamville keeps the content coming even in times of COVID-19. J. Cole’s label/collective has dropped the music video for the song ‘Don’t Hit Me Right Now’ today which features the lineup of… 

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buddy kent jamz

Buddy & Kent Jamz Know How to Have Fun

Hip-hop and essential brotherhood go hand in hand. Compton rappers Buddy and Kent Jamz of OverDoz. exemplify brotherhood in music and life. Both decorated artists with years and years of music… 

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buddy kent jamz

Buddy & Kent Jamz – Jank Tape Vol. 1

A match made in whatever cannabis-filled heaven there is above us, Buddy and Kent Jamz (of OverDoz) have joined forces for a joint project. After collaborating on “Hollyhood” last year, the Los… 

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