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If you ask anyone what they value most in life, you’ll find that time is a very precious commodity. Everyone wishes to spend their attention wisely. The internet generates more content than one could ever hope to absorb. Hundreds of popular platforms compete to capture our daily attention. For hip-hop fans, its services like Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube. Their main goal is to bring us into their bubble and keep us coming back. But how many of these platforms focus only on hip-hop, as a genre, industry and culture?

Hiphopheads and Worldstarhiphop are popular websites but contain more noise than signal. On the internet, hip-hop is fragmented. It lives and thrives in many different locations. There is no shortage of high quality content, the hard part is knowing where to find it. The tech industry has a website called Techmeme which I’m particularly fond of. It provides a summary of the day’s essential reports and analysis on a single page. Techmeme has become the technology news site of record for people both within and beyond the industry. Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai both visit Techmeme for their technology news. What if there was a website that executives like Jay-Z and Dr. Dre relied on for their hip-hop updates? How dope would it be to create a place where fans can discover and share the latest stories in the industry? Imagine if you could keep up with the best hip-hop content, showcased on a single website, every day. This is what inspired me to build 1VIBE, a small scrappy media company laser focused on curation.

1VIBE Website

Curated Content: 1VIBE provides curated hip-hop content from reputable publications. We focus on sources that people trust and also link back to the original posts for credit. Our curation process involves the use of technology and human curators. We are always improving our methods of collection and filtering. The main goal is to dig up gems that hip-hop fans are looking for.

User Submissions: To help us discover and highlight even more content, we built user submissions. Anyone in the world can suggest stories to 1VIBE by filling out a submission form on our website. Curators review submissions and make the final decision on whether to feature them. To help promote quality content, we must screen and verify stories.

Bookmarks: Anyone can register and create their own profile on 1VIBE. Doing so, unlocks the ability to bookmark your favorite stories. Users can view their bookmarks and submitted stories inside their “dashboard”. We want to inspire anyone who has a passion for hip-hop to become a curator on 1VIBE. Decentralizing content curation is one of our core values.

1VIBE Originals: We want to earn a reputation as a source for creative hip-hop coverage. To do this, we decided to produce 1VIBE Originals. This is our chance to collaborate with talented individuals who share our vision for high-quality content. Examples include interviews, record premieres, podcasts, artist profiles, guest editorials, and playlists. If you have an idea for a 1VIBE original we encourage you to get in touch.

Push Notifications: Another important feature we built into the website is push notifications. They are particularly useful for users who want to be the first to know about something. In the beginning, we will only push out breaking stories. Our goal is to make push notification useful instead of a distraction. We are still experimenting with this feature and will continue to tweak it.

Advertising: When websites become popular, their owners get greedy and fill them with invasive ads. They strip users of a clean and fluid experience. These ads appear in locations designed to trick people into clicking them. Users are becoming more aware of these tactics. Currently the battle to take back control of privacy is being fought with adblockers. Digital advertising is prime for disruption. One of our favorite projects leading change is the Brave browser. Brave gives users back their power. Users get unmatched speed, security and privacy by blocking trackers and ads. They can also earn rewards by opting into privacy-respecting ads. I’m proud to take a stance with 1VIBE to support their incredible efforts. In a future post we will discuss how 1VIBE plans to integrate Brave and their Basic Attention Token (BAT).


Many hip-hop fans subscribe to Spotify or Apple Music. They enjoy almost every song ever recorded inside their phone, on the palm of their hand. Before streaming platforms gained popularity, we used to rely on mixtapes. Playlists have completely changed the hip-hop industry. They’ve become the main avenue for discovering new tracks. Mixtapes as we remember them are a thing of the past but a playlist is the same thing as a mixtape. At 1VIBE we still like to refer to playlists as mixtapes. They are part of hip-hop history/lingo and we would like to preserve that. Our goal is to curate dope mixtapes with unique vibes, beginning with the launch of the 1VIBE mixtape. It’s a frequently updated playlist on Spotify, featuring the best of the best hip-hop records at any given time. Give it a follow!


Not everyone likes to discover content via email, but if you think newsletters are wack then I feel bad for you son! Newsletters have become a very important tool for journalists and writers. With newsletters, content creators have direct connection to their audience. Subscribers are also in control. They can unsubscribe the moment they no longer enjoy the content. People are curious and will always seek good content. They subscribe to newsletters because they trust the curators. Users know Facebook and Google aren’t using algorithms to trick them inside these emails. Our newsletter will be landing inside subscriber inboxes every Tuesday. We deliver a roundup of the best stories featured on 1VIBE. Each issue provides a comprehensive view of what is happening in the industry. We also highlight fresh content. The newsletter is another way for us to reach a different type of audience. We will continue to experiment with the format and would love for you to subscribe.

1VIBE Twitter + Instagram

Most hip-hop fans discover new content on social media platforms. They dominate our attention and are where we spend most of our time. At 1VIBE we want to use social profiles to spread the word about the content we feature on our website. We also want to connect with people to start interesting conversations. The best platforms to do this on are Twitter and Instagram. They provide us an opportunity to meet hip-hop fans where they already spend a lot of time.

The Next Step

Working on 1VIBE has been a process of many iterations. The next step is to build a community that empowers anyone with an interest in hip-hop to play a role. We want to encourage high engagement built on three principles: sharing, discovering and discussing. Hip-hop is the most popular music genre in the world. It deserves to have it’s own front page on the internet. The 1VIBE team is small but we are eager to connect with individuals who share our passion. If you want to join our team or have a discussion about anything relating to hip-hop, please reach out.

Help us find the best hip-hop content on the internet


1VIBE is the front page of hip-hop. We provide a curated information stream of the best content from top industry sources. Everything you see on 1VIBE is hand-picked or produced by our team. We utilize technology and user submissions to discover content but our curators and writers make their own editorial decisions. Join our community and help us elevate hip-hop culture!